It’s easy to just defer some things. Decide to do them later while you enjoy life now.

A PDF of life principles I make a habit to read everyday has this quote in it: “Think carefully before making any offers, commitments or promises, no matter how seemingly trivial. These are all contracts and must be honored. These also include self-resolutions.”

The problem that I’ve struggled with (and still do when I don’t keep it in check) is to defer important things now to a later time. I’ll tell myself: “My mindset isn’t good, I don’t feel motivated, I’m not quite in the mood.”


You might not create an immediate problem by deferring something today. But then the latency builds up, and then you’re falling behind. You get stressed out, you’re sinking into the quick sand, you’re in a far less optimal mindset to get anything done.

It’s best to keep things in check and keep yourself disciplined. Be aware of what you’re deferring, and if it’s important, just do it.

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