How To Be An Internet Marketing Consultant

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If you want to be an internet marketing consultant, you’re essentially helping companies make more sales. You do this by.

1) Optimizing what they already have.

For example, making their copy more persuasive would be a simple change. Changing the layout to be more aligned to best case practices would be a simple change.
Adjusting the pricing and positioning of their product would be a simple change.
Develop a testing mentality, running experiments to validate ideas is an advanced stage of this, and allows you to have a longer term profitable relationship with the client.

2) Learning all the Analytics Platforms

Google Analytics
Understanding the numbers online advertising like Google Adwords
Understanding heat maps and their usage

These are basic ones, there are many more platforms.

When you learn the Analytics Platforms and understand how they provide useful business insights, you can provide a free consultation for a clients Google Analytics to lock in work for yourself and identify improvements in only 15 minutes.

You can learn these on the help sections of the relevant platforms that are very detailed.

Analytics Help
AdWords Help

3) Understand how traffic acquisition works and how to enable it for clients.

This includes:

Search (Paid & Organic)
Referral (Backlinks & Affiliate)

Coming from a business background you will appreciate that it is not just important to source traffic, but it is important to ensure traffic is profitable. This usually involves testing, and a test budget to see how it all works. If you want to differentiate yourself, don’t just try to get the cheapest clicks, or the most clients within a budget – interrupt and say: “Well in my opinion this won’t be profitable before we test this”, you can charge a lot more for saving clients money.

4) Understanding how to capture traffic, build relationships, build social media.

This step is just about making sure:

a) We are maximizing the amount of people that are coming to our website that are remaining connected

to us: “To our Facebook, Email List e.t.c.”.
b) We have a process (preferably automated) to followup leads and educate people about what we do.
c) We learn from this in a feedback loop and make adjustments.

I’m happy to elaborate on any of these points for anyone, just shoot me an email.


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