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Some Planning In My Workspace

A quick post today, and I’ve taken a picture to illustrate my point. What you see in the picture is 3 things.

1) A Whiteboard with the current things I want my mind to ponder on. Usually a concept will remain up there for a week or more.
2) 3 months with X on dates.
3) A MindMap I want to think more about.

1) This is a fairly standard thing. Usually when I have something complex that I want my brain to ponder on, I put it somewhere I’ll see it often for a while. Once I’ve solved the problem/worked it out, I’ll change what’s there. A Whiteboard works great, the setup here cost me $40 with the markers, eraser, wall mounting e.t.c.

2) 3 Months with X on dates. This is something I recently picked up that I’m trialling right now. Basically, you get a calendar template like I have and print it out and put it somewhere prominent. At the end of each day, you put a X if you’ve successfully completed your goals set for the day. You don’t put anything if you’ve missed your goals or just had an unproductive day. On rest days, if I rest, I put an X of course.

The purpose is that the momentum of X’s won’t want you to break it. So if you’ve got 5-6 X in a row, you don’t want to miss a day and have a gap (like I have on the 25th of March, which was just a crappy day). Try it if you have issues with keeping momentum.

3) A Mindmap or anything here is useful to pondering on the points. Often I will change this section often, depending on the needs right now.

What you put in your working environment tends to make a big difference to how effective you are. Try it out for yourself!

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