The Five Whys

I got this tactic from Rich Schefren through his newsletter which you can subscribe to below.

Rich pointed out this great little tactic. To come up with why you’re not meeting your business goals yet, come up with five to eight reasons. E.g. You’re disorganised or you don’t like selling. Write them down.

Even if you don’t have a business, this could be used for any personal goals.

Then for each of these reasons, ask why that is a problem for you. Ask Why 5 times and write down your answers.


1) I’m disorganised

– I feel like it’s a waste of time
– I prefer to do other things
– I don’t have an organising system
– I know how things are in my mind
– My disorganisation doesn’t make anyone else feel bad

Rich says that once you make a list of 4-5 “Whys”, you’ll often see a common pattern between the 4th and 5th answer. I believe this is because we often get to the deeper level answers (and not just surface) once we dig deeper.

The other whys are also relevant and should help you identify what you can work on.

Hope this helps you! =)

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