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I stopped writing on my blog at some stage in the past six years. Truth be told, work got too busy, but a lot has happened since then, and I thought I would update briefly.

I am very much back in Melbourne now, after a long time travelling, at least 4-5 months every year. COVID grounded me and made me realise I don’t really like airports, hotels, or AirBNBs as much as I used to.

I also made my main business (Walter Analytics) more focused on Google Ads, so I spent less time on one-to-one consulting projects and meeting people face to face.

Right now, I am happy to announce that through my team at Walter Analytics, and some external contractors, we have launched It’s about a year since we conceptualised the entire concept, at our annual company retreat.

Why the Crypto Industry?

Since 2017, I have had an interest in the Crypto Industry. I decided I wanted to begin to align business towards it, and one way to do that and combine our technical competency with our digital marketing abilities was to launch a portal that will expand and aim to be the #1 portal in the Crypto Industry.

This portal lists Crypto Companies, Crypto Events and soon, Crypto Jobs.

I have written more about it on the Walter Analytics blog.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you.

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